5 Easy Methods to Use YouTube

Add to Your Internet Marketing Affiliate Sales

Video can be an extremely effective tool at engaging your audience and prospects.  Although time consuming and a lot of effort, it can be a worthwhile to use YouTube to make money online.

Make Internet Marketing Affiliate Sales using YouTube

Here are five easy methods to accomplish this and you will be surprised that even some of your simplest videos can make a profit.

1. Promoting Your Site to Develop Brand Awareness

The most common method you can use is to post your videos on YouTube with a link back to your site.  Your YouTube video will then generate interest in you, your niche and the products you market, creating brand awareness.  This will in turn drive traffic to your site.  This is how marketers originally used YouTube.

To use YouTube in this manner, as a traffic generation tool to promote your site, you will need create a seminar or lecture video series.  You should try to make these videos look as professional as possible with a good recording device.  These videos are promoting your brand to YouTube users.

2.  Becoming a YouTube Partner

Since the purchase of YouTube by Google, the site allows advertising.  You can place your videos up on YouTube with an embedded ad, allowing you to get paid for clicks.  This is similar to AdSense.  You need to apply and have your site approved before you can become a YouTube partner.

After getting approval from YouTube all you need to do is post your video and then add it into the partner network.  It’s just that simple to make money on YouTube.

3.  Gathering Email Addresses

Gathering email addresses is one of the most important things you can do.  As it turns out email addresses are more valuable than cash you could make directly from your videos because each email address could lead to multiple sales in the future.  YouTube will not let you use an email capture directly but you can place a “watermark” feature on your video.  Another method is to add a link in your biography, pointing to a squeeze page.  Gathering email addresses and directly marketing to your address list is one of the fundamentals of online marketing and a YouTube video can help facilitate this process.

4.  Affiliate Marketing

Another great method of using YouTube to make money is with affiliate marketing.  To accomplish this you will need to introduce a mark (“watermark”) into your videos on YouTube . This can be completed with a simple video editing program.  Your videos will now need to contain supporting information, tips and techniques which will entice the viewer to visit your site to buy the whole package of information.  Alternatively you may be able to post an affiliate’s video, as long as it doesn’t violate any copyrights, with your embedded watermark on YouTube.

5.  YouTube’s New Rental Options

If you have video content you wish to sell on YouTube, Google has implemented a new YouTube option allowing you to charge a rental fee to the viewer of your videos.  This is a good way to make money directly from renting and selling your seminar series or viral videos.

Using YouTube to Make Internet Marketing Affiliate Sales

YouTube has been around for 6 years now and has become one of the foundations of social networking.  YouTube is a major part of a huge global marketplace waiting for you to implement some of these money making strategies.  Use your videos to add to your internet marketing affiliate sales strategies to make money on line using YouTube.