7 Ways to Get Traffic to Website

How to Get More Traffic

You spend hours and days putting up a website; then you wait, and wait and wait some more for someone to visit.  It gets frustrating.  Everyone wants more traffic to their website.  Whether you put more content on your pages or build more sites, it doesn’t seem to matter.  If no one comes by your online store, you won’t make money.  It is as simple as that.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to visitors to your website.  Here are some of the most efficient traffic generation methods available.

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7 Dynamite Ways to Generate More Traffic

1. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

If you are looking for a guaranteed source of traffic, the quickest method is to pay for it.  However, PPC will cost you the most.  If you opt for PPC advertising be sure to spend time learning how to generate lists of keywords that will convert into sales.  You will need to identify long word phrases (‘long tail’) that people might be searching for.  An example of a long tail phrase is “how to get traffic to website” vs a broadly based keyword such as “traffic”, which would pull in all kinds of non related searchers.  This would result in wasted clicks and money.  Also be sure to do A/B split testing (or comparison) testing on your campaigns.  For example, test one ad vs another to see which one converts the best.  Keep the best one and set up another new one.  Keep doing this and your ads will keep improving and will cost you less money to get traffic to the website.

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2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another effective method of traffic generation is to master SEO.  This is a long term strategy that can translate into real profits, and unlike PPC won’t break the bank.  Search engine optimization consists of getting quality back links from reputable trusted sites throught blogging, article marketing, commenting on forums and link swapping.  You can also use a technique called “link baiting” which is done by the creation of something that attracts backlinks for your web page by getting people buzzing abour it on the forums, blogs and social networks.  This will attract lots of visitors.

3. Pay Per View Advertising (PPV)

If you’ve ever installed freeware or shareware on your computer and read the terms of agreement, you know there advertising tools built into the program.  These are designed to track your browsing habits, search preferences and site visits, then place advertisements in context on the web sites you visit.  This is pay per view advertising. If you are an advertiser, this allows you to place highly targeted ads relevant to your audience.  Some of the top PPV networks are MediaTraffic.com, TrafficVance.com, and LeadImpact.com.

7 Ways to Get Traffic

4. Email Marketing

When it comes to training in how to get more traffic, marketing by email is a standard in the industry and an important tool for any website user.  As an affiliate marketer, every web site you own should have an opt-in form to collect emails.  With those email addresses, you can send valuable promotions and information and links to your site to your readers.  This will remind them that your website has valuable content and they will be primed to visit.

5. Email Swap and Joint Venture

Another method of generationg traffic to website is swap email lists with a fellow marketer.  This is called a joint venture.  If you have 6000 subscribers and they have 5000, you can both trade emails to the other’s web site.  This method gains instant exposure to thousands of primed visitors interested in your niche.  Joint ventures can involve giving away free products on someone else’s web site in exchange for links or posting as a guest on their site for a back link.

6.  Affiliate Marketing

Having affiliates market a product you may have created is an easy way to get backlinks.  Affiliate marketers tend to be rather picky about what they market so you will need to entice them.  If you are planning to seek more traffic through affiliates, offer free articles, banners, newsletters and bonuses for those who sell a lot of products.  Also offer active 24/7 support.  The easier you make it for the affiliate to make money, the more money your business will make.

7.  Viral and Social Media Marketing

Of the dozens of ways to get more traffic to website, viral and social media are the most difficult to quantify but are the most fun to do.  If you pursue this route, ensure that you use a wide array of tools including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg and others.  The goal of social marketing is to entice people to look for you.  Offering free articles, tips, updates, news and videos will all help do this but don’t forget to make the free content informational and entertaining.

There is no one secret to getting more traffic.  You will need to use an extensive array of tools to keep the visitors streaming to your website.  Build your credibility as an expert in your niche, research the target audience carefully and encourage them to visit your site gradually over time.  By combining the 7 methods of traffic generation you will guaranteed never ending, steady traffic that will lead to profits.