AffiloBlueprint Review

Mark Ling’s AffiloBlueprint

If you’ve been searching the internet for some time to find a method to make money online you will have discovered there are many marketers offering their “secrets to success” or “blueprints” as they are often called.  In this AffiloBlueprint review, you’ll hopefully see why one such internet marketing expert, Mark Ling, does have those qualifications.

Mark Ling, the author of AffiloBlueprint, is a New Zealander who has been making money online for over a decade, and doing it well.  He has used his own strategies to grow his business into a multi million dollar operation and now teaches others how to be successful as internet marketers.  He used the same techniques to teach his own father how to be successful making money online so that his father could retire from a stressful job.  He is also known for producing top notch quality web content and for promoting products through the Clickbank affiliate network and other networks to accumulate his fortune.

Background AffilioBlueprint

What sets this internet marketing guru apart from the others is that he uses his own unique strategies and offers proof that they work.  Mark Ling, while using theAffiloBlueprint course, created a money making site in front of an audience.  This site generated $500 in profit right away, providing proof his strategies work and that the course is valuable and trustworthy.

The course has a broad audience and was created not just for the pro internet marketers such as Mark but for the every day person interested in making some extra money online.  Let’s dive deeper into this AffiloBlueprint review and see what is offered.

Super Affiliate Strategies Free Ebook

Looking Inside AffiloBlueprint

There are other courses out there but they tend to overwhelm you with pages and pages of content which you have to spend hours and hours wading through.  Mark presented AffiloBlueprint differently as a weekly course with specific topics and strategies each week to assist you to make your new website.  This made it more management and you didn’t need lots of money or hold a degree to figure it out.  It was set up so that once a week you were presented with steps to read and follow. Topics include:

  • Market Research
  • Creation of Content
  • Developing Your Website
  • Designing Your Website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Building Links
  • Newsletters
  • Using Social Media, Twitter and Squidoo.
  • Analytics and Fine Tuning
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, including 3 weeks of strategies.

Mark used three different methods (SEO, PPC and social media) to generate traffic, thus ensuring success to maximize visitors to your website.  There are dozens of products available to help marketers to build a website and to begin making money online but they tend to assume that the user knows more than they do or they spend to much time giving them there own “secret way to success”.  AffiloBlueprint pulls it together into a manageable, step by step method of Internet Marketing.

Extra costs not necessary

Other AffiloBlueprint review writers have mentioned that having to also purchase XSitePro was an extra cost they weren’t expecting and that it was a bit of shock.  No one likes to be told they still need to fork out more money after they’ve bought a main product.  But with many free products like Paint.NET and NVU, you really don’t need to buy anything, as long as you have some web site creation program on hand to help you create your website.

Bottom Line

As others who have put together a good AffiloBlueprint review will tell you, Mark Ling walks the talk and is an excellent marketer. Using these strategies he has accumulated a huge fortune.  His teaching style is easy to follow and he lays the course out in a step by step fashion to hit every strategy that you will need to advance from beginner to professional in record time.  If you are an internet marketing veteran you may find you know most of the techniques covered, but if you are a beginner or intermediate internet marketer, this AffiloBlueprint review recommends you pick up AffiloBlueprint today.