Bulk Emailing Software

Maintaining contact with your customers can make the difference between failure and success for an internet marketer.  A properly set up marketing campaign using bulk emailing software (an autoresponder) allows you to create the trust and relationship necessary to be successful.

There are dozens of autoresponders on the market and you will want to consider which one will perform the best while comparing the cost of the service. There is potential to generate massive income using autoresponders.

What to consider when choosing an Autoresponder

Top of the list is delivery rate.  This is vital.  The emails need to reach your prospects and be read.  The bulk email software needs to provide top notch technology and it should help you reduce spam while doing it.

In addition, the service needs to make analysis and list management as easy as possible.  You will need to review subscribers, read the messages, check link clicks and compare previous open rates so you can fine tune your email messages over time.

Most bulk emailing software review writers will focus on only one service and attempt to sell you on its benefits and features, but I will take a look at three of the autoresponder industry’s top services and share them with you. These are Aweber, Autoresponse Plus and Get Response.


Reviewed first is Aweber.  Aweber is very easy to use for setting up campaigns, for inserting audio or video and for managing subscribers across many lists.  The sequencing and scheduling features are straightforward and simple to set up and allow for custom options, including easily created broadcasts to your list.

The tracking feature is very useful.  Most bulk emailing software reviews will cite Aweber’s tracking and monitoring of your lists as one of the primary reaaons to consider Aweber.  You are able to analyse subscriptions, impressions, click thrus and verifications on the links that were included in your emails.  The two areas where Aweber perhaps lags behind are in the importing of other mailing lists and cost in comparison with the other sites reviewed.


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Autoresponse Plus

Both Get Response and Aweber are autoresponder services which are hosted remotely.  You pay either a monthly or yearly fee to use them.  In contrast Autoresponse Plus is a software program that you can install on your own server.  There is an upfront cost for the software licence ($99 for the first one and $167 for five) but you can then use it for as long as you need without paying any additional costs.  The software is fully customizable and you have full access.  This makes importing and creating your own external email services very easy.  If you aren’t technically inclined this service can be a challenge and you may have to ask for assistance from someone that has those skills.

One license is required for each domain which allows you to have unlimited autoresponders per domain without paying more.  I would caution that you do regular offsite backups.  I heard of one company who had a sprinkle system malfunction in the server room and all the servers were lost, along with the software on it, including the all important email list on the autoresponders.

Get Response

A very comparable service to Aweber is Get Response, considered to be the current industry leader and offering a very comparable service to Aweber.  This company matches Aweber in its ease of customization allowing you to attach audio, video or documents,  to copy messages from different formats without additional formatting needed and ensures deliver on any day of the week, through any email filters.

The tracking system, can get a bit complicated but does provide an extensive array of details regarding email message open rates, subscriptions and more.  This method of tracking has been compared to the tracking used in the industry favorite, Google Analytics.  The pricing is a marginally better than Aweber’s pricing, although it does require an upfront monthly payment ($17.95 vs $1 for Aweber) to start (it can be lower with quarterly or annual payments).

Autoresponders, the bulk emailing software that handles your list is one of the essential services that a business owner requires – right after web hosting and right before outsourcing.  My personal favorite of the three is Aweber because of ease of use and their customer support.

If you don’t have an autoresponder service yet, carefully reread this review and choose the service that best fits your company’s needs.