Mastering Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Commission Blueprint Review

If you’ve been trying to make money as an affiliate marketer you may have read other Commission Blueprint reviews.  You may also know how popular Commission Blueprint is and that it is one of the most highly rated affiliate marketing courses on the internet.  Other Commission Blueprint reviews have had a tendency to lack in details or be biased as they try to sell you the product .This review will go deeper into what makes Commission Blueprint a good choice to teach beginning internet marketers like yourself.

Commission Blueprint

Commission Blueprint Pros

There are quite a few advantages of Commission Blueprint, one of them being it is a Clickbank marketing guide.  There are other such guides out there and if they have been successful for you then you won’t need another.  If you are still struggling to find success on Clickbank or haven’t yet bought a guide, keep reading.

This marketing guide is packed with quality content. This is a competitive marketplace and if you don’t know the topic inside and out then you won’t succeed offering help on CB unless you know your stuff.

The Commission Blueprint guide does that.  There are a series of 14 videos that take you through the product, giving guidance on choosing products to promote, how to research keywords, how to choose your domain name and more.  It is a comprehensive step by step video guide to getting starting in Clickbank.  If you have yet to start an affiliate campaign, the tips and information here are time saving and valuable.

Besides video, as other Commission Blueprint reviews have mentioned, there are written guides, providing instructions on how to create opt-in pages, pre-sale pages and review pages.  Having an opt-in guide is very valuable in providing templates for market tested copywriting tactics that even the advanced internet marketers could learn from.  There is no padding in this package. Examples and proof are provided for each strategy, showing when and how it can be used, while demonstrated how you can do the same for your affilate marketing strategy.

In addition there are well designed templates to help anyone set up a pre-sell page in less than sixty minutes.  These templates are designed to save you time and effort.

Over all, like other Commission Blueprint reviews, we are astounded at how good the content is here – no fluff, high quality, written well and with proven results.  You couldn’t ask for more.

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Commission Blueprint Cons

Nothing is perfect and I’d be remiss if our Commission Blueprint review didn’t mention some of the cons of this product.  There is a lot of information on PPC advertising to the exclusion of some of the other excellent traffic generation methods available that cost less money.  It would have been to good to touch on these alternatives in this well structured course.  Another point to mention is that the keyword research portion of the course focuses on several subscription based tools that a lot of new affilate marketers simply don’t have the funds to use.  The new marketers who don’t know about the free keyword research tools available may be discouraged by a marketing guide that tells them to go spend more money on top of the product they already purchased.

What’s included in Commission Blueprint

  • step by step Clickbank marketing guide
  • 14 videos with instruction in choosing products, researching keywords, choosing domain name and other strategies
  • written guides including information on opt-in pages, pre-sale pages and review type pages.
  • templates to save you time

Bottom line

We conclude, like many other Commission Blueprint reviews feel that this Clickbank instruction product is one of the best on the market.  The video presentations, written guides and templates are top notch.  If you have been searching for a product that lives up to its promises to get you started on developing a successful affiliate marketing business, Commission Blueprint is hands down one of the first places to start.