Create Banner Ads for Your Internet Marketing Web Site

How to Make a Banner Ad

Have you ever wondered how to make a banner ad for your internet marketing web site?  Have you thought that it would be too difficult or time consuming to make your own?  As it turns out you don’t have to be a graphic artist or a computer programmer to create your own banner ads for your internet marketing web site.  All you need is a free, simple design program and a few minutes practice and you will be creating your own great looking ads.

What You’ll Need

All you will need to get started is a copy of a simple design program.  There are many to choose from out there including some professional versions such as Photoshop.  You probably will not need all of the options and features that a professional design program has to offer to create good looking ads.

There are some very good, free photo and graphic editor programs out there.  Check out the program Paint.NET at  This program has been on the net for a number of years now and provides all of the tools you will need to get started.

Banner Ad Blueprint - internet marketing web technique

“The traffic from banners is some of the most interested, targeted traffic you can possibly get.  By advertising on websites that are relevant to whatever you’re promoting, you’re narrowing down the market to those that may buy… and when those people click, they are narrowing it even more!

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How to Make a Banner Ad with Paint.NET

There are 3 main steps to making your banner ad.

1/     Set your canvas size.  This is the size you would like to make your banner.  A typical size to start with is 468×60.  You may want to play around with different sizes of ads such as block, 250×250 or a long form ad, 60×960.

Hint:  You can also start with the canvas size set to 2 or 3 times the dimensions you wish your finished ad to be.  This will allow you to create a higher resolution image especially when it is later scaled down and uploaded to your site.

2/     Next you will need to create your background which can be a very simple and monochromatic or you can get creative by inserting a series of images as your background.  Remember that simpler is better, don’t make your background blink or flash.

3/     Create your banner ad using text.  You are to impart some information to your potential customers.  Images tend to confuse the visitors and sent them elsewhere.  Images should only be used to help re-enforce your text but not replace it.

Hint:  Remember to create your text in a complementary color.  Good colors are, red and yellow, blue and orange, yellow and purple.  If the color combination is hard on the eyes, stay away.  An example of a non complementary color is red and green or blue.

The final design of the banner ad is up to you.  Adding simple animation to your banner will help your ad attract your customer’s attention but it is recommended to use it minimally.  You don’t want to send them away from your internet marketing web site.

Faster Design

If you decide that designing your banner ad isn’t for you or you do not have the time to build it from scratch, an alternative might be to use a software program like XHeader or XheaderPro.  These programs include many header templates containing different shapes and text styles along with animations.  Although this software was written to design headers it can be adapted to assist in creating banner ads by simply adjusting the dimensions of the header.

An alternative solution to creating your own banner ad is to outsource it to an internet service such as  They will design and create a personal banner ad for you for just $20 in less than a couple of days.

Attractive Internet Marketing Web Sites

Finally it is important to remember that your banner ad attract your customer’s attention by being eye catching and of high quality so they will stay on your internet marketing web site longer and want purchase your product or service.

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