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Make Money Online From Home with Ebay

You’ve probably heard stories of people getting rich selling on Ebay?  Have you considered going this route to make money online from home?  You may have even gone so far as considered what you might sell and wondered how you might do it. If you have the right market niche, the right products and the right marketing tactics, eBay can be a good place to succeed.

Make Money Online from home with Ebay Training

Choosing Your Niche and Products

There are a few vital steps a marketer needs to do before getting started on eBay.

1. First you need to decide which niche you can sell your products in.  It is essential that you research what products sell well on eBay and which products interest you.  Your research into hot niche products can be accomplished by going to sites like Amazon and Clickbank.

2. The second step is to now research your potential customer for your chosen products by finding the product reviews, check the forums and blogs and check out their buying habits by reading eBay’s feedback forums.

3. Now you need to choose the products you are going to sell and once again you have many choices.

The most popular choice with marketers is drop shipping.  This is a service where the service will collect the name, address and payment from your buyer and then ship the product directly to the customer.  When you use a drop shipping service you become the sales person for your chosen product.  In your ad on eBay you can add the mark up you want and keep the profit.  One of the popular drop shipping services on eBay is SaleHoo.

Besides marketing physical products you also have the option of selling digital products or software products.  Check out Clickbank for a large selection of digital products and Avangate for a great selection of software products.

If you like the idea of selling a physical products and maintaining your own inventory you can purchase products in volume lots and at wholesale prices, allowing you to resell individual items for a profit.

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How to Make Money on eBay through Auctions

On eBay you may have noticed the classified ads for products but this isn’t where the big money is on eBay.  Have you ever noticed the auctions and wondered how they work?   They just aren’t used as simple store fronts.  EBay auctions are well researched and crafted and have the potential to greatly out-sell the classified ads.

There are a few steps to follow when setting up your eBay presence.

1. To get started you need to sign up for an eBay store.  EBay has a couple of plans to choose from the basic plan which costs around $15 a month all the way up to the premium plan which costs $299.  The basic plan provides you with a URL, searchable index and reasonable listing fees where the premium plan includes reduced listing fees and provides you with advance analytics to assist you in researching your visitors.

2. One step which is oven overlooked when using eBay to make money online from home is copywriting.  You may have seen those poorly written 200 word ads with bad spelling and grammar.  Nobody wants to buy those products.  Your ads need to be more professional and persuasive.

Your ads should contain HTML images of your products along with your text.  Your headline should be noticeable and list the key benefits of your product along with bullet points listing the details of your auction.  Just don’t sell your product but tell your customer how your product will affect their life.

Make Money Online from home with Ebay Training

Mastering eBay

EBay is a huge marketplace and your customers will have a lot of choice when it comes to purchasing a product.  Customers may not always purchase the product based on price alone.  Customers are also checking out the seller’s feedback ratings and how well the seller handles problems.  Customer service is an very important aspect of sales. Also learn all you can about the intricacies of copywriting.  Remember that you need to present a professional business image out there in order to make money online from home using eBay.