Improve Search Engine Ranking with Traffic Travis

Do a Google search for “Traffic Travis Review” and you will receive over 80,000 hits to choose from. It seems like everyone is telling you what they like and dislike about this popular research tool. Most of these reviews only scratch the surface, telling you what this program does and how it can improve search engine ranking.  I would like to take a step further and inform you how the features in Traffic Travis, like keyword searching and site analysis tools can directly affect the way you market your products on the internet.

What Traffic Travis Has to Offer

Traffic Travis is free and includes all of the features you need to start you journey into internet marketing. Most of the reviews that I have read neglected to tell me this important consideration. Traffic Travis also comes in a paid Professional version which offers you a few more features.

Traffic Travis was not just designed to provide you with keywords for your niche but it will also give you an overview of that niche and an overview of your competition. Traffic Travis goes into much greater detail analyzing PPC data and the structure of your competitor’s sites.

Traffic Travis - Improve Search Engine Rankings

What does Traffic Travis have to offer? With 5 main tools sets Traffic Travis allows you to research 4 key areas of your internet marketing niche in great detail

1.  Keyword Research – the Traffic Travis keyword research tool is one of the users favorite. This tool allows you to research the keyword you are interested in and the program automatically gives you back from 20 – 2,000 variations, including long tail keywords, of your search term. It is very thorough in its search because it reports on keywords daily usage from not only Google but also Yahoo and Microsoft’s MSN search engines. Your new list of keyword can then be saved and sorted for later analysis.

2.  SEO Research – have you ever wondered how well your keywords are working on your site or one of your competitors site? With the SEO research tool all you need to do is plug in a keyword list and a domain name to see where they list in each search engine. Once again this tool is also very thorough and produces many pages of results for you to analyze. Along with this tool you can also use the Page Analysis tool to scan deeper into your list of pages to produce a breakdown of the health of the pages, which produces an in-depth SEO report.  This information can be used to improve your search engine ranking.

3.  PPC Data – If you are interested in PPC research them the PPC Data tool in Traffic Travis will prove to be one of your most valuable tools. By inputting a list of keywords into the PPC Data tool it will search for and list the number of ads containing your keywords, the top sites using that keyword and indicate to you the more popular keywords. This is very useful in helping you see which keywords and phrases will actually help you make money.

4.  Analysis – Have you ever wondered how your site was performing compared to your competition then the Analysis tools in Traffic Travis are just what you need. You will be able to see the page ranking, age, directory listings, back links and title tags of the top sites that are using your keyword phrases, along with all of the SEO data you need to make your site better than the competition.

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The Bottom Line

Traffic Travis has the tools to:

  • Optimize your site.
  • Check up on your competitor’s sites.
  • Research your best keywords.
  • Plan you next PPC campaign.
  • Improve Search Engine Ranking

With over 80,000 positive reviews on the net I believe that Traffic Travis has already helped many marketers improve their sites and now that you know what tools Traffic Travis has to offer and how their features can help you create a successful marketing site, it will change the way you do business.