Make Money with Adsense Versus Adbrite

Make Money with Adsense or Adbrite?

Which to use?  AdBrite or AdSense?   Which advertising network gives the best results for monetizing websites whether they are blogs, forums or directory authorities.

AdSense is the long timer in the business and has the majority of the business based on sheer volume and variety of options available, but increasingly marketers are starting to explore more options.

Make Money with Adsense vs Adbrite

AdSense vs AdBrite – Let’s compare

Exactly what does each ad network provide for its millions of users?  AdSense was one of the first and is definitely the largest with a network of advertisers and publishers that came about as an adjunct of

Adwords, the largest advertising medium in the world.  To this day it remains a strong favorite based on a quick survey of what is being used in the internet marketing sites, forums and blogs.

AdSense Pros

  • This advertising network is easy to use making it possible to make money with AdSense
  • It is considered to be trustworthy (based on its association with Google, a company whose dealings are relatively transparent as it is publically traded)

AdSense Cons

  • The checks are only issued in $100 increments or higher.  This means website owners with low traffic volume need to wait a long time to accumulate enough clicks to generate a check.
  • The user is limited to three ad blocks per page thus restricting over all impressions of the ad per any one page.
  • All ads are based on CPC (cost per click)  impressions.  If the ad isn’t clicked there is not revenue for the site owner.

AdBrite on the other hand is a smaller company with an equally good reputation.  It has been gaining in favor with marketers as an alternative to make money with AdSense.

AdBrite Pros

  • Checks are issues in smaller, $5 increments thus ensuring the user starts receiving payments while they are still building traffic to their website.
  • There are several different formats available including CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPC.
  • In-text advertisements as well as full page ads are available.  The latter can be shown between the website’s content pages.

AdBrite Cons

  • AdBrite is a smaller company although enjoys a good reputation

AdBrite vs AdSense – Which gives you better income?

There is no quick resource to determine those statistics although both ad networks are set up to consistently place ads that relevant to your content thus providing your website visitors with an advertisement to choose.  To make money with AdSense you need to be aware that they do have rigorous guidelines for site integration and approval and they do limit the number of advertisements you may put on your site per page.

Google’s goal is to give the readers the best possible experience and to provide the information they are seeking.  For this reason they limit excessive advertising.  AdBrite, on the other hand is strictly an platform for advertising used by major companies and clients wishing to post their advertisements on webpages.  This gives you, as the website owner, full control of how many ads appear on your site.  You can also opt for impression based advertising on an AdBrite meaning you are paid for any visitors that reach your site.  This method of advertsing can be more profitable.

To conclude, whether you choose to make money with AdSense or Abrite will depend on which provides the services that best suit your needs.  AdBrite rises to the top in terms of ease of use and features, but only slightly.  AdSense can generate a good income but expect more controls and oversight than if you chose AdBrite, a company that will give you more independence regarding your advertising choices.

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