Online Marketing Tools

You’ve decided you want to make a living as an internet marketer and you turn to the net for online marketing tools and tips.  Some of them are great and some of them are out of date and recycled.  How do you, as a beginning marketer, know which tips and tools will generate the profits of which you dream?  Detailed below are a series of simple, effective tips to help you focus on, master and create your own affiliate marketing strategies.

Initial Steps

Internet marketing starts and ends with knowing your audience and niche well.  This means researching the problems, needs, desires, and questions that your audience wishes to solve, find or answer.

  • Finding Your Niche -  Researching in a niche will give you an idea who your potential customers will be.  By reviewing products and demand on sites such as Amazon and Clickbank you will be able to determine how popular the niche is.    A site like Amazon offers customers reviews of a product.  More than twenty reviews can mean thousands of copies were purchased giving an indication of the demand in that area.  In addition visit blogs and forums where industry experts share their expertise with interested visitors.  Learn the jargon and needs of your target audience.
  • Researching Keywords – keyword research is probably the most neglected aspect of the online niche market research.  One of the best net marketing tips I can give you is to spend as much time researching potential keywords in online marketing tools such as Traffic Travis, Google’s Adwords keyword tool and by doing competition searches.  Drill deep into the niche and know the phrases and words of your target audience.

Websites to Promote

Once you have developed an idea of what your niche, audience and product will be, it is time to start creating websites to market your selected products.  Using various online marketing tools there are many different types of websites you can build.  These include choosing blogs or forums or squeeze pages or perhaps sales letter type pages. Squeeze pages are one page websites designed to capture your visitors interest.


  • Learn Effective Sales Writing Techniques – Whether you are writing long sales letters or a short and concise squeeze page, the goal is to write effective sales copy that influences and entices the reader to follow your call to action.  There are many methods to generate interest in your product – from detailing the benefits in the product descritpons to using attention getting headlines to carefully crafting your guarantees and other sales copy.
  • Email Marketing - One of the most important online marketing tools you will need is a method to collect the email addresses of potential customers within your niche.  Do this by setting up an account with an autoresponder service such as GetResponse or Aweber, and create a newsletter subscription form on your squeeze page or website.  By offering a free report or a six day free mini course you can entice readers to subscribe, and thus have a method to gather readers that you can contact later to make sales.

Finding Prospects

  • How to Get Traffic – Getting traffic to your website is crucial to your marketing campaign. This is done with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, and by getting other websites to link to yours.  This is called backlinking.
  • Viral and Social Marketing – To create interest, you must generate content that points back to you.  Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and Digg are good places to post interesting content that will intrique your readers.  Setting up a blog to create an authority destination is another method that will help establish your credibility as an expert in your niche.
  • Generating Back Links – Online marketing tools such as SEO Quake will help you find high page rank (PR) sites that have “follow” links where you can leave comments that link back your page.  There are also tools to find government directories or sites where you can get listed.  The most common method of getting back links is to submit to article directors and to comment on blogs or forums.

Using the Online Marketing Tools and Tips to be Successful

Your goal as an internet marketer is to know your audience, find them and convince them to visit your website.  Ultimately you want them to take action to buy your products.  Once you have mastered the basics, you will be on the road to internet marketing success.