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Mark Ling

Mark Ling hasn’t always been one of the top affiliate marketers in the world, and he hasn’t always had a career teaching internet marketing courses. In 1999 when he was looking at ways to make money on line he started very simply and with his innovative approach and creative methods in the industry became the super affiliate he is today.

Mark Ling Expert Trainer Online Marketing Courses

Early Days

Mark’s first exposure to internet marketing came from a friend. This friend, by the name of Charlie had a small business selling posters online.  Mark listened with great interest and considered the possibilities.  This was back in 1999 and it was rather easy to make money online although not as many people made the big money you hear about today.

Mark’s buddy made about $50 a week by displaying a banner ad which linked to his web site.  Mark decided to follow Charlie’s marketing model and started with a web presence on Geocities site where he would also sell posters but he focused on celebrity posters from around the world.  After building a few of these simple web sites he started to make a little bit of profit.

In these early days, Mark quickly learned how increase his profits, first with practice he learned how to build his web sites faster and secondly he learned how best to target larger markets.  He was soon making enough money to quit his job delivering pizzas and focus on his fast growing business.

As the business grew Mark was able to hire a few friends, rent a house for his business, set up a room of 486 computers and started making more web sites.  Mark learned 3 important concepts which helped to move his business to the top of the online industry.

1. He learned how to have his sites listed near the top of the search engine lists.

2. He learned how to get more traffic to his sites.

3. He learned the concept of replicating his more successful sites.

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Recent Successes

Mark Ling branched out from selling just posters by using the skills he perfected in his early days, expanding his business into the realm of affiliate marketing.  He has created successful affiliate sites in areas of dog training, learning languages, marriage consulting and the video game markets.  Mark succeeded in mastering certain affiliate marketing tools as they were being developed.  Tools like AdWords in 2003, Social Media and YouTube in 2005.

Currently, Mark Ling and his company are still developing his affiliate marketing sites, but more recently Mark has turned his attention toward helping others by offering internet marketing courses and helping others succeed online.  He has launched several new products to help his customers build and improve their Internet businesses.

1. AffiloBlueprint membership, launched in 2008, consisting of 12 weekly guides to help you develop your long term marketing strategies.

2.  Affilorama, which is a great resource of marketing hints and tactics containing teleseminars, webinars, presentations, blog posts and free tools.

3. SEO and PPC research tools to help increase the traffic visiting your site.

4. Traffic Travis, which Mark offers for free, is a collection of tools to help you measure, analyze, and optimize the traffic coming to your web pages.  Traffic Travis is also available in a professional version for the power users.

Mark is now promoting his expertise around the globe, presenting and giving seminars about his internet marketing courses and techniques.  Although his main business focus is still affiliate marketing and marketing lists.