Work Online From Home With Ebay Marketing

Sky High Auctions Review

What is Sky High Auctions?

Sky High Auctions is an eBay marketplace training course to get you started on a career that allows you to work online from home. Marketing on eBay, which is essentially a huge online silent auction, can be very lucrative if you know the correct techniques to ensure your success.

Everyone dreams of being able to work online from home with no boss but yourself.  You’ve probably heard of others making a good living selling on eBay and are wondering where to start and what training product will give you the techniques to do well.  With that in mind, this review of Sky High Auctions will show you a product that will get you on your way as an eBay marketer.

What’s in the Sky High Auctions Training Course?

Learn how to Work Online from home with eBay Marketing

Starting an eBay business (or any business for that matter) can be a costly endeavor fraught with mistakes as you learn.  What I like about this course is that you learn from 15 regular people that have gone on to become “Powerselling” experts on eBay.  Each one of the expert eBay sellers bring a different skill and expertise to the training courses.

The Basics

The actual Sky High Auctions course is a comprehensive package of 18 videos within fifteen separate lessons.  The videos will teach you the basics of:

  • How to get started
  • What products you should choose
  • How to actually setup and run an auction
  • How to edit photos
  • How you get paid
  • how to ship
  • how to handle the feedback

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Advanced Strategies

Most importantly you will learn advanced techniques from 25 more videos that go beyond the fundamentals of getting started.  This includes:

  • Strategies for handling unpaid items
  • How to send a second chance offer to a potential buyer
  • Setting up a store on eBay
  • How to interact with your customers on eBay by blogging
  • selling internationally
  • How to become a “powerseller” yourself
  • Dealing with tax issues

Bonus Material

There are several bonus and expert lessons that cover how to handle surplus product, how to assess your competition and marketplace among other topics.

The Cons

As any good review must do, I must point out a few places where this product could be improved.  The initial videos covering the basics are very extensive and while good for brand new eBay sellers, might get tedious for those with more experience using eBay.  In order to maximize your learning experience I suggest you create your own day by day action plan as you review the lessons.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Sky High Auctions is an excellent eBay Training course with solid learning content with no fluff.    It has the details that will give you everything you need to make eBay a money making venture as you work online from home.  It is very possible to make a successful living in the online auction business and with Sky High Auctions you will be well on your way learning how.

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