Your Online Marketing Strategy

There are as many different business strategies available as there are marketers and some of those marketers have gone on to become millionaires.   Part of your online marketing strategy is to adopt the techniques and methods which helped push the successful Internet Marketers into the top 10% of online marketers.  Start by asking yourself these questions.

Ask Yourself Three Questions

Online Marketing Strategy

1.  Can You Solve a Problem – Have you ever had a problem that you were trying to solve and maybe you even searched the internet for a solution for your problem?  These are your potential customers.  The secret to selling on the internet and the most important thing you should remember is that you are not selling a physical product, eBook or website, you are selling your customers a solution to your his or her problem.

2.  Can you find a Solution – You could even be selling them your experience, experience they cannot find anywhere else which will help them solve their problem.  Like most other marketers it is also important to impart a sense of urgency or immediacy to your customers by pointing out that they can get the solution they are looking for right now and not have make a special trip to search the local malls.

As an example, maybe your customer has a new dog, which is constantly barking.  They might be looking for a solution and you might just be selling an eBook “How to Stop Your Dog from Barking”.  There are many books on this subject already in print, and I suspect this potential customer could use the tips in your eBook right now and even pay a little higher price for the immediate solution to his problem.  Most successful online businesses try to sell to this urgency by providing an immediate solution.

3. Can You Fill a Need-  Have you ever looked for a gap in the marketplace and created a solution?  Your potential client or customer may not be aware (yet) that what you are providing can be the solution to whatever they need.  This can be a powerful part of your online marketing strategy.

How to Market Your Products

1. The first step in selling your solutions to a customer’s problem online is to pick a niche that you are personally interested in.  If you are only in a particular market for the money, it will only be a matter of time before the boredom will offset your desire to make money.  Do not spend your time and money promoting a niche that just doesn’t interest you.

2. Your next step in your online marketing strategy is to do your product research.  There are many popular web sites that you can use to help you do this.  Sites like Amazon, eBay, and Clickbank may come to mind first but you can also research your niche by checking out what people are saying on forums and blogs about your chosen products.

3. It is now time to research and develop your list of keywords and there are many free programs and tools out there to help with this.  Start your keyword research by trying Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Traffic Travis and use your own insights.

4. The last step is to start selling and you can accomplish this by building your sales funnel.  This can consist of just a simple web page or a site with many pages.  There are many ways to build up a complex online marketing site.  You can build links to you site with Twitter and Facebook or many of the other Web 2.0 sites around today.  It is also good to include an email address collection form on your page.  People who sign up may become your customers during your future sales campaigns.  The idea is for your web site to reach as many potential customers as possible and supply them with a solution to their problems.

How to Become Successful

Online Internet Marketing

There are 3 very important strategies I recommend that you employ on your journey to success.

1. Copywriting - Learn how to convince people to buy.  Study how successful writers and researchers write their sales copies.  Learn how the experts influence their customers to purchase their products and use these techniques in your product ads and videos.

2. Outsource - Remember that you can’t do everything.  Learn how to outsource as much as possible.  Your time will become your most valuable commodity as you tweak and improve your sites.

3. Optimize – You will want to test and retest your site as you aim improve your sales to their maximum levels.  Don’t worry, sometimes a site won’t make a profit, keep trying and learn to build on your successes.

The process of Internet marketing is very complex containing a lot of little strategies.  If you persist you will learn to master these strategies and by learning from your mistakes and optimizing your sites you will become a successful Online Internet Marketer.

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